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The “Will You Marry Me?” spectacular is a four part series: the Book, the Songs/Ep, The Stage Play and the Talk Show. Larry Clark felt led to share his insight and experiences in “all things pertaining to love”. Throughout the series, he covers many of what we call “the basics”: love, finances, and communication. He also covers the lesser addressed topics such as healing, suffering, sex, religion/spirituality, betrayal, trust and many more. All four entities speak to singles, couples and marriages. 



Music Equipment

The Musical Stage Play “Hallelujah” is the story of his legendary family; journeying through the events from 1959 to 2016……which birthed his national debut. Now, with the national release of the Soundtrack and DVD of The Stage Play, we offer you a front row seat to experience the reenactment of the evolution of The Clark Family, through the eyes of Larry Clark.  Twinkie Clark and Larry join forces with an amazing cast and musicians to share the laughter, heartbreak and triumph of The Clark Family.

The Clark Family has ministered to millions; from multiple Grammy Award performances to recording over 100 projects combined. The Family has sold millions of records and has received every award in music and still minister the Gospel to those in need. This is an opportunity to learn, love, cry, dance, praise but most of all worship. You will experience Dr. Mattie Moss Clark directing her 50 voice choir, Pastor Elbert Clark conducting Sunday morning service, The Clark Sisters recording in the studio and singing on the Grammys to Larry Clark living on the streets…..these are just a few of the scenes.


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